Peer Support

Fellow Veterans are available 24/7/365 to help each other get through the rough spots.

Temporary Housing

(Floor Plans)

Veterans experiencing financial hardships will have access to rent-free housing while they build a nest egg to get back on their feet.

Wood, Auto & Maintenance Shop

(Floor Plans)

Shop areas for making what you need, fixing what you have and keeping the Listening Post in shape.

Garden Plot

Food grown to support the Listening Post and to distribute among Veterans and their families.

Animal Shelter Support

Veterans will conduct basic command and obedience training to improve a dog's chance of adoption.

Community Areas

A firepit, pond, horseshoe pit and wooded areas to gather and share a cup of coffee and stories, or just sit quietly to gather thoughts.

Resource Identification

Assistance in identifying and applying for educational, medical and financial resources.

Community Volunteering

A way to establish bonds and give back to the local community by assisting those in need with things such as grocery pick up, trash removal and yard cleanup.

A trained team ready to respond to disasters in the region.

The Warrior's Feast

A celebration of life honoring a Veteran about to cross over.